The plan


Since I’m off to grad school in the summer, it’s ripe time for a trip to clear the head and re-warm the soul. It’s been a stressful few months, and clearing my head before I embark on this next phase should be a priority. Here’s what we set out to do.

We’ll be walking the eastern third of the Great Himalaya Trail, from Katmandu to the Indian border, near Sikkim. The trail is actually two parallel tracks – the arduous High Route, and the more conventional Cultural Trail. We’ll be bouncing between the two – some sections near Makalu are above our pay grade, but passes farther west are likely worth trying.

Then, time permitting, we’ll move south through India. The eventual aim is to walk to the Bay of Bengal, another 100 km south of Kolkata – thus closing the circle from the Nangpa La, the pass that birthed Nepal, to the mouth of the Ganges.

Stay tuned for updates – this should be fantastic!

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